Yue skidded through the hallways filling them with a constant stream of colorful curses. The email from the new “management” had just come that evening and there was a slight problem with it…he was quite possibly about to lose his job.

Oh, hell yeah he had some concerns to call this”Mr. Blake” about. His last chance was in jeopardy. He slammed into the office on the the third floor eyes ablaze to catch his first glimpse of this new terror….a split moment later his rampage had ended in confusion. 

The man was slumped unceremoniously across his desk as if he’d just received a death sentence. Mournful sapphires watched him enter without much response from the little pathetic heap. 

…This was him? The Great Wallace Clearwater’s heir..? Yue started shaking, feeling the heat rising in his throat. He bit his trembling lip, choking as he met the puppy eyes.

"Can I…Can I help you?" Wesley watched the smaller man, who was now doubled over in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

"I..sorry…" Yue coughed and straightened. "I’m here for…" He held up the print out of the email. "I really need to talk to you about this. You can’t…I can’t lose this job. This is my last chance you have to understand."

Wesley tilted his head, nodding slowly and offering the man a seat. “I’m listening.” 

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Randy: 8| -sits in a pool of tears and alcohol-


Everything’s alright, yes, everything’s fine and we want you to sleep well tonight



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Whatever you do, Kato, don’t look behind us.


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